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Frequently asked questions
Do testers need access to our code?
No. Testers don’t access your code and you can pick and choose which issues from your issue library that you want to share with testers. You share the starting web URL, and login credentials to access your app (if required).
What type of access do testers require?
Testers only need the web address of your application including the steps to test and login credentials (if required). They perform functional and regression testing using the front end interface of your web application.
Do testers agree to non-disclosure?
Yes. Testers must undertake a rigorous vetting process before accessing clients web applications and tests and must agree to non-disclosure before they start this process. We make a point of not crowdsourcing.
What type of testing is performed?
Our testers perform functional and regression testing and you use bot commands in an issue ticket within your issue library to communicate with testers when you need a test performed, re-tested, or when rejecting a report.
Does Bugdojo access our code?
No. We connect to your repo to give you professional QA resources on-demand as you’re building code, and give you full control over which issues from your library you share for testing. We are only testing your web interface.
Does Bugdojo guarantee quality?
Yes. We provide a quality guarantee every time you run a test and receive a report. If you’re not 100% happy with the report submitted by the tester you can reject it by using a bot command, distribute to another tester.
How long does it take to write a test?
Roughly 60 seconds. You can write tests in plain english and they only have to include some basic tests and expected result. In fact to make it easy, we provide you a template which you can follow each time you distribute a test.
Do you provide videos with the reports?
Yes. When a tester reports a pass or fail they include the steps to reproduce, the actual result, which is also accompanied by a video of the test. This makes it easy to check the result and remediate a bug fix if required.
How do testers access our environment?
Testers only need access to the web address of the test asset which you supply when writing the test case. You can also provide test credentials or VPN credentials. Tester are asked to sign NDA and you choose what to share.
How long does it take to run a test?
It takes 60 minutes to receive the video report back from a tester in the comment stream. Once you receive the result, it will automatically accept after 3 days. If you’re not happy you can reject the report no charge and retest.
How it works

Create Test cases

Creating test cases is easy. Simply write the regression or functional testing directions for our testers in plain English.

Each test case includes a title, URL for testers to visit and a set of instructions with an expected result for testers to confirm or reject.

Create Test cases
Receive Video reports

Receive Video reports

Shortly after you submit a test case, our testers will pick up and complete your test.

You receive the test result, and a screen capture video of the test being completed. You can easily make sure the test was completed correctly, and identify any points of failure during the test.

Skilled testers on demand
Bugdojo testers are always available to meet your QA and testing requirements.
Nobody touches your code
Testers only see what you share with them. They never access your code or private data.
Pay for what you use
You only pay $6.50 per video report. No subscriptions or plans necessary.
Quality guaranteed
Use the reject option when you are not happy with the report and want to re-test the issue.
Easy collaboration
Invite your team mates to help you create and manage your test cases.
Integrations & API
Distribute your test cases from Github or Bitbucket or build your own connectors.

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Continuous QA for your web apps

Functional & regression testing with experienced testers
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