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Distribute QA tests to our professional software testers using bot commands inside your repo.
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Bugdojo integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket in seconds

Connect your repo to Bugdojo, and start clearing your quality assurance backlog in minutes.

Integrating Bugdojo with your software development workflow takes just seconds. Simply Authorise Bugdojo with your GitHub or Bitbucket account, and select the repo you want to work with.

Don’t worry, Bugdojo only connects to your repo so you can interact with our bot using commands in GitHub or Bitbucket issues. Bugdojo will never access your code, and our testers will only see what you share with them.

Bugdojo integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket to help developers QA and test software directly from their repo.
Write functional and regression tests in plain English

Automate manual software testing by writing tests in plain English.

Creating tests with Bugdojo is easy. Write regression and functional testing instructions for our testers in plain English.

Tests should include a start URL for our tester to visit, a set of steps for the tester to follow, and an expected result for the tester to confirm or reject.

Write functional and regression software tests in plain english.
Distribute issues for testing with one command

It only takes one command, @bugdojobot test, commented on an existing GitHub or Bitbucket issue to distribute a test to our pool of testers.

Bugdojo will pass your instructions to our testers for testing, and reply with a video report of the test result.

Interacting with Bugdojobot directly from your repo means less interruptions to your workflow, so you can spend less time managing QA and testing, and more time building features.

Distribute software tests to Bugdojo testers with one command inside your repo.
Bugdojo is your bot-powered testing team

Achieve continuous QA while you develop with Bugdojo bot commands.

Use @bugdojobot test to issue a new test.

Use @bugdojobot reject when you’re not happy with a test result, and we will re-run the test.

Use @bugdojobot retest to re-run a previous test.

Use @bugdojobot support to chat to Bugdojo’s support team.

Achieve continuous QA while you code with Bugdojo's software testing tools for development teams
Receive video reports from professional testers, directly to your issue

Shortly after you distribute a test through one of Bugdojo’s bot commands, our professional testers will receive and complete your test.

You receive the test result, and a screen capture video of the test being completed, so you can ensure the test was completed correctly, and so you can easily identify any points of failure during the test.

Receive video reports from professional quality assurance testers
Your professional testing army, available on demand

Bugdojo’s professional testers are available on-demand, and scale to meet your QA and continuous testing requirements.

Use Bugdojo to achieve continuous QA during development, and clear backlogs of functional and regression testing in hours, instead of days.

Use Bugdojo's army of professional testers to achieve continuous testing of web apps and websites
Frequently asked questions
Why should we use Bugdojo?
Bugdojo enables development teams of all sizes to achieve continuous QA. Perform functional and regression tests of issues without interrupting your workflow to speed up development and deployment.
How does Bugdojo work?
Bugdojo connects to your GitHub or BitBucket (soon GitLab) repo. Tests are triggered by adding a simple command like @bugdojobot test to an issue, and an experienced tester responds with a pass or fail result & video.
How does Bugdojo source testers?
Bugdojo recruits only skilled and experienced testers. To maintain the highest quality, every tester is individually graded and ranked against our pool of testers. They are not crowdsourced from online task marketplaces.
Can Bugdojo scale our testing?
Yes. Bugdojo can scale testing quickly by vertically distributing tests on-demand to our pool of testers. We also use machine learning to grade new testers against our experience pool and to monitor ongoing quality.
Does Bugdojo access our code?
No. Bugdojo does not access your code. We connect to your repo to make it seamless and fast to distribute issue tickets to a tester. Our testers only require access to the web address of your application and test credentials.
How do I get started?
Getting started is easy. Simply authorise Bugdojo with your GitHub or Bitbucket account and select the repo you want to work with. Now you’re ready to start testing using Bugdojo’s bot commands. Your first five tests are free.

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Receive detailed test results & videos
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Integration with Github & Bitbucket
Scale testing as needed & cancel anytime

Continuous QA for your web apps

Functional & regression testing with experienced testers
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